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Back in 1942, a man with an anticipation of a compatible life for his lineage finally settled on to begin a coffee roastery. He initialized his business with a hand- roaster and a stone-grinder, the best of then available. He served people with the freshly roasted and ground coffee. This freshness enhanced the taste and aroma of coffee which attracted a large number of customers.
This business gradually grew into nearby areas and later it was handed over to next generation. It was then improved by replacing the hand implements with the electronic machinery. His progeny also had a fervor to the quality coffee and presented people with the excellent product. This earned them a high repute.
Later, the third generation took over the business with a strong determination and lasciviousness of creating the finest quality coffee with the true original taste which would satisfy the consumer's palate. Hence after a widespread research on every individual's needs, modern machinery and the right type of beans, the latest machinery was installed, introduced quality production standards and blended the coffee into the best tasting mixture. The product offerings were proposed to be packaged in a bag designed with a one-way-valve to provide degassing of the coffee. This ultimate product was named after their own estates 'Donigal', a place with serene beauty and endurance.
The result has been impressive. The blend used to produce 'Donigal coffee' delivers the highest degree of taste, with no bitterness or aftertaste. This originality has led into an unexpected upsurge in demand for 'DONIGAL COFFEE'.





Donigal is a zone where we have our coffee plantations, located amidst the magnificent glory of western Ghats with copious greenery and bountiful flora and fauna. It is a predominant tourists' spot and trekkers choice profoundly known as "The green route trek" as it comprises of lofty green hills, tunnels, bridges and waterfalls. It is an ecologically sensitive area perfect for growing coffee.

From here we choose the most refined Arabicas and the high quality Robustas grown under the natural shades , which are carefully hand-picked, sun-dried, selected and processed.

These select beans are then slowly roasted and grinded to perfection and blended into excellence . Later it is packed in a foil bag to stay fresh for long. Big pouches are also provided with a special one-way valve that guarantees that even the last batch of the product stays as fresh as the day it was packed.



Donigal Dark Roast

Donigal Dark Roast coffee is predominantly cultivated in the awe-inspiring Western Ghats. These mountain grown coffees are nurtured with love under the shade of lush green trees and fed by monsoon rains. Hence the beans mature more slowly and ensue a wondrous flavour sustained by nature. These high grown Arabicas, including the exotic Kents are immaculately processed thus ensuring continuity of overall quality. This results in intense nutty aroma offering intriguing subtlety and stimulating intensity that guarantees a shot at 'the perfect cup'.

Donigal Real Fresh coffee is picked from the magnificent western Ghats where the coffee is grown amidst copious greenery which gives it a depth of flavour. These select beans are then carefully roasted and grinded to perfection and blended into excellence to give you the ambrosial and delectable taste of coffee you will relish!


Donigal Real Fresh




Drip brew is a method of brewing coffee which involves pouring water over coffee contained in a filter. water seeps through the coffee, absorbing its oils and essences and passes through the bottom of the filter. The used coffee grounds are retained in the filter with the liquid dripping into a collecting vessel.



A coffee percolator has three sections. Water is placed in the lower section and the coffee grounds are placed in the mid section. It is then placed on fire. When the water reaches the boiling point, it turns to steam which passes through the coffee grounds and is collected in the upper section producing a strong concentrated coffee



In boiling method, the water is boiled in a vessel and one-fifth of ground coffee is added to it. The fire should be turned off immediately and should let the coffee brew for five minutes. Later the extract should be strained and used.

How To Brew
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